Merriweather Manor


Merriweather's Manor, a 1770 Georgian colonial sits on top of a cozy enclave within the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. From the front porch the elevation provides a spectacular view, sweeping across the potomac river valley to points of interest as far away as Washington DC's National Cathedral . The estate, over 400 acres features a beautiful natural environment with gentle rolling hills, pastures and woodland . Within the Manors enclave are historic barns, a pond with white light tulip fountain and a log cabin.
The Manors unique nature and outstanding layout is perfect for that special occasion when you want to surround yourself with those whom mean the most to you. With the Manor's soaring ceilings and wonderful doors that lead from one bright space to another, intimate gatherings have that spacious "just right" feel. Once inside you will want to venture on to the veranda to enjoy the breath taking panoramic views and the peaceful, romantic feeling that Merriweather's Manor exudes.

Merriweather Vineyard at Sunrise


            “It’s the Magic of Merriweather!”

                Primary Contact: info@merriweathermanor.net


                      Merriweather Manor is located 20 minutes from Dulles airport and

                                                 within five minutes of popular hotels.